Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome back me!

It has been a very long time since I last posted on my blog. The last post was of one of my lessons I did in a college class. Well i'll quickly get you updated on what has happened in my life since then. Since that lesson I began and completed student teaching. I was placed in the William Floyd School District.
I had an amazing experience working in both Hobart Elementary school and William Paca Middle School. My host teachers were very helpful and taught me a lot. I always heard rumors that you learn as much in student teaching as you do in your 4 years of college and I really feel like that might be true. It may not be the information you learn student teaching, but the experience that really makes you the teacher you will be for a long time. I had a chance to teach students of many ages across a diverse population and really developed my own style of teaching that I will carry over to my career someday. I also got a chance to work with the varsity girls track team and be an assistant coach. This was an awesome experience because I was a track athlete in high school and it was great being able to get back on the track. However, this time I was not the one running, but the one coaching. Our girls did great and we were able to coach many girls to the all county meets and state qualifiers.

I have also graduated from college since my last post and received my Bachelor of Science in Education and certification in Physical Education. I am officially ready to put my very valuable Cortland education to good use at any school district that needs my services. However that is the hard part.
It is now time to look for a job and get into a school district somehow. I plan on being very patient and not giving up hope that a job will come soon enough. I have worked so hard in school to become the best teacher I could be and know I will change many students lives throughout my life. My goal is to help people become healthy and love living their lives. I want people to understand that life is for living, and physical activity will not only train them for a specific sport or event, or to look good in a bathing suit, but to train them for life and all of life's obstacles. I have filled out my applications and sent them in to almost every school on Long Island. I am hope to hear from schools as soon as possible. However, is not that big of an issue because I am blessed to have a job as a waitor at Lands End Catering Hall which I have been working at for 9 years. I am also lucky to have a second job at a sports complex in Commack, NY called Gym Plus Sports Action. There, I am a coach/instructor and I teach kids ages 3-12 a variety of sports and activities. I teach them the basic skills and rules needed to play various sports such as basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, and so many others. It is a great opportunity for me to work with kids and develop my style of teaching even further and improve my teaching techniques even more. I am also able to impact student lives even though I'm not in a school setting. Every day I work with these children I make it my personal goal to influence at least one student to enjoy what we worked on and pursue it outside of my class. When a student comes to me and tells me that they practiced a certain drill or skill at home I immediately smile and know that I impacted that student in a positive way. This makes me even more excited to work full time and have even more students than I do now.
I plan on posting much more now and letting you follow my journey to becoming an influence for many people. I hope my experiences along the way will allow you to be inspired to do something great and help people in your own way. Everyone is special and everyone can be an inspiration to someone else. I believe that helping others is important to being the best person you can be and I hope I can help as many people as possible.