Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's been a while...but I'm even better

It's been a long while since I last posted on my blog.  Since my last post I have continued searching for a full time teaching position in physical education but haven't had any luck yet.  And although I haven't found that dream job just yet, my passion for the subject hasn't deflated at all.  If anything, my passion has only gone up.  Coming out of college I had a fire under my butt and I was extremely excited to begin my teaching career and start making the difference in students lives the way I knew I could.  However, I had no idea I would be still searching for that job 3 years later.  I must admit, I've had times that I get pretty down on myself about why I haven't found employment yet and wonder if I am doing anything wrong, or if I'm not really meant for this position.  But then I look at the work I have done so far and immediately realize that all the negative thinking is foolish.  I worried that the fire under my butt might go away but instead that fire is only getting bigger.  I can feel that a full time position will be coming sooner than later and that excites me.  I believe everything happens the way its supposed to happen and I try to understand the reason things happen.  I believe that the reason I haven't found that desired position is because I needed the time to grow as an educator.  In the 3 years I have been searching for a full time position I have had the opportunity to substitute teach in three different school districts, coach for a varsity track team, get promoted at my job at Lands End Catering Hall, complete over 10 extremely demanding mud and obstacle races
and become a certified personal trainer where I changed a few lives by helping them become healthier.  Those experiences have made me a better teacher and a better person.  And the way I look at it, the present me will be able to make a much bigger difference in the lives of many more students that the me of 3 years ago would have.  Everything happens for a reason and I know my time will come to teach the young minds of today.  And when that opportunity comes knocking on my door, I promise I will be even better than I am now.  Why? Because I will continue to develop as a teacher and as a person each and every day.