Monday, September 21, 2009

Skill Lesson, Take 2...and ACTION!

This time around I definitely feel that i was much more comfortable in teaching the skill that I chose. The first time teaching this I did not really know what to do and what to say. I was missing a base guideline that I now have and used to improve my lesson. I stuck with teaching the "set" in volleyball, because it is a skill that I know well from being a setter on my high school team for a few years.

The second time I taught the class I was able to introduce myself more clearly and say what we will be doing that day much more understandable for the students. I was also able to teach the skill more quickly so that I could get into the activity faster. However, I could have still shortened my lesson and extended my activity a little more so that I could give a little bit more feedback to the students. There was a little mishap going on when two students were asked to misbehave and exclude themselves from the group. However, I think I did very well noticing and responding to them right away. The only thing I did wrong is turn my back the rest of the class when giving my attention to the misbehaving students. Next time I will make sure I am able to see everybody. I can still see different areas that I wish to improve in and will work on before my next teaching experience.

Working on my time code assessment form helps me map out exactly what I need to arrange in terms of my scheduling and timing of my lessons. The other form that we filled out was the feedback analysis form which will also really help me pin point exactly who I gave feedback to and what kind of feedback I gave so that I can improve on those areas as well. Another area of my teaching methods is my language. A good tool we have is the use of these videos. This allows me to look back and analize exactly what I said and how I said it. I now noticed a difference in my enthusiasm and excitment which I believe is a key thing to improve because all students, at any age are able to detect whether or not you are into the activity you are teaching. My verbal transcript goes over my word for word analysis of my Lab 2A teaching lesson.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting thrown in the ring

First day of EDU 255, and right away we got thrown into teaching our first lesson. Lab A is basically a pretest to see where we are at with out teaching abilities. This is a good way to show us where we need to work and improve upon. After about only a few minutes to decide what I was going to teach I decided that a volleyball set would be good since I was a setter on my high school team. So, in the blink of an eye, I was in front of the class and teaching the set.
After watching myself teach a set in volleyball to a few students in our first day in EDU 255 I realized that I need to show a little bit more enthusiasim so that my students will give me enthusiasim in return. Although I am interested in the subject and I am truly having a lot of fun while teaching I should work on showing it more and not keep it hidden. It is a true fact that emotion=emotion when it comes to kids. If you are putting in all you have, they will do the same. If you are giving barely a breathe of effort, they will not be trying either. This is nothing major, and something I could easily work on and fix, because it is only a matter of listening to myself speak and making sure I am showing exactly how I feel. Another point that I need to address is making sure I maintain a safe environment so that none of my students get hurt. While teaching today I did not realize that there were many volleyballs rolling around and that can be a potential ankle breaker. Professor Yang zoomed the camera on these balls to let me know that it is something I should be more focused on. Otherwise, besides these minor bumps and scratches, I did well and felt very comfortable teaching in front of students and I also felt confident in knowing what I am teaching. I believe that my strongest characteristic is that I am really not that shy in front of people. I do not find it very difficuly to speak to large crowds, and I enjoy being in the spotlight(most of the time).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Danyl Johnson, Inspiring Performance

After seeing this performance on the show "Britians Got Talent" I was completely amazed and inspired to become a better performer in front of crowds. Danyl is a teacher and obviously shows a natural talent for performance. It is my dream that someday I could become as comfortlable in front of crowds as Danyl Johnson is.

There is no limit to what this type of person can influence among various crowds. That is what defines a quality teacher. A teacher should be able to influence and inspire others to be great at whatever their desire and dream may be. In physical education I can use my teaching abilities, that will someday be effective, to inspire children, teens, and adults to change their bad living habits and develop and more healthy lifestyles and start living their lives to the fullest and savoring every moment.