Monday, September 21, 2009

Skill Lesson, Take 2...and ACTION!

This time around I definitely feel that i was much more comfortable in teaching the skill that I chose. The first time teaching this I did not really know what to do and what to say. I was missing a base guideline that I now have and used to improve my lesson. I stuck with teaching the "set" in volleyball, because it is a skill that I know well from being a setter on my high school team for a few years.

The second time I taught the class I was able to introduce myself more clearly and say what we will be doing that day much more understandable for the students. I was also able to teach the skill more quickly so that I could get into the activity faster. However, I could have still shortened my lesson and extended my activity a little more so that I could give a little bit more feedback to the students. There was a little mishap going on when two students were asked to misbehave and exclude themselves from the group. However, I think I did very well noticing and responding to them right away. The only thing I did wrong is turn my back the rest of the class when giving my attention to the misbehaving students. Next time I will make sure I am able to see everybody. I can still see different areas that I wish to improve in and will work on before my next teaching experience.

Working on my time code assessment form helps me map out exactly what I need to arrange in terms of my scheduling and timing of my lessons. The other form that we filled out was the feedback analysis form which will also really help me pin point exactly who I gave feedback to and what kind of feedback I gave so that I can improve on those areas as well. Another area of my teaching methods is my language. A good tool we have is the use of these videos. This allows me to look back and analize exactly what I said and how I said it. I now noticed a difference in my enthusiasm and excitment which I believe is a key thing to improve because all students, at any age are able to detect whether or not you are into the activity you are teaching. My verbal transcript goes over my word for word analysis of my Lab 2A teaching lesson.


  1. Pat,
    I am impressed with your confidence level when you get in front of your class, especially at this early stage of your 255 class. Your cues were very clear, and you did a great job with the demonstration. Make sure when you are demonstrating, that you pinpoint the exact cues you want, when they happen. For example, say something like "Frank looked through his window, and the ball hit right off his fingertips, and came accurately back to me." Another thing to make sure you do is to make a safety statement. I realize this lesson did not involve activities that could potentially hurt someone, but it is always good to cover your back anyway. Even if you only say "I dont want to see anyone throwing the balls at each other." Another thing to implement in the future, is checking for understanding before you let the students go out to work with their partners. Ask them a question based off the cues you gave them, to make sure you know that they understand what is expected of them.

    As you saw by the students walking away, it can be difficult to manage every student in your classroom. Like you said, you did a good job with recognizing there was an issue, and addressing that. You were right about how you should always keep your eyes on the majority of the class when working 1 on 1with students, or in this case keeping students on task.

    Your confidence level and enthusiasm is through the roof for this early in your teaching career. As you continue to teach you will become even more comfortable, and teaching a quality lesson will become second nature to you. I have high hopes that you will be a successful teacher one day, and always remember to learn from your mistakes, and learn from each lesson, because it is very rare to have a perfect lesson. Keep up the positive attitude and good work!

  2. Also, you gave a lot of feedback which is always good .. the more the better. Your time management was also very good, you had the students active for a majority of the class, which is always the main goal.