Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Danyl Johnson, Inspiring Performance

After seeing this performance on the show "Britians Got Talent" I was completely amazed and inspired to become a better performer in front of crowds. Danyl is a teacher and obviously shows a natural talent for performance. It is my dream that someday I could become as comfortlable in front of crowds as Danyl Johnson is.

There is no limit to what this type of person can influence among various crowds. That is what defines a quality teacher. A teacher should be able to influence and inspire others to be great at whatever their desire and dream may be. In physical education I can use my teaching abilities, that will someday be effective, to inspire children, teens, and adults to change their bad living habits and develop and more healthy lifestyles and start living their lives to the fullest and savoring every moment.

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  1. Patrick, You could put this post together with your first one and be sure to talk about what you did well and how you can improve next time.