Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lab 3 at St. Mary's

Lab 3 was definitely one of my favorites because the theme worked really well with everything. My group did the activity "Empty Bucket" which is kind of like our last game, "Zanny Zoo". This involved kids picking different tasks out of a bucket and then performing them. We had told the kids that they were training to become super hero's and that they needed to try really hard to become one. The kids loved this and were very excited to participate and become super heros. When ever there is a good theme that kids are really excited about, the activity runs much more smooth. An important thing that I noticed at St. Mary's is that the key to getting a kids attention and getting them to play a game is to give them a reason to play. When the theme is fun and interesting the kids are more interested in playing. Overall, our game went great and it was once again very usefull to have more than one person helping out. My group of 5 was able to each attend different kids and show them the right way to perform tasks such as a slide, hop, skip, or jump. This is very important especially when other people are trying to asses them.

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