Monday, April 20, 2009

Lab 4 at St. Mary's

This was the fourth lab at St. Mary's and I think it went the smoothest so far of all the labs. Today's theme was about food and our game was called "popcorn". This game involved the kids all splitting up into three groups. One group would be behind a tall wall of mats, and the other two teams standing on the other side of the mat ready to catch flying balls(popcorn). The team that is behind the mat will be the ones throwing all the balls over the wall. The point of the game is for the kids on the side catching the balls to catch as many for their team as possible. Today went very smoothly because by this point I really knew the kids well and pretty much knew all of their names. When you start to know these kids better and understand how each of them act, it is easier to work with them and figure out what each would want to do. You can also prepare for different situations that you can expect to happen from past experiences.

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