Monday, April 20, 2009

Lab 5 at St. Mary's

Today was another day with Pre K. Once again I find dealing with the Pre K kids is much easier than the older kids. I think the reason for this is because the younger kids are still so innocent and haven't developed that wise attitude most kids get as they get older. The Pre K kids I find to be easier also becasue they are so into whatever activities we are doing for them. They love very simple things to as long as your game is easy to understand, and does not take long to set up and get started, then the kids will be completely into it. Today we played "zany zoo" which is great for these kids because they love acting like animals. The game is simple, easy to explain, and a lot of fun. We also had to read a book for the young kids. I think this is the hardest activity to do with these kids because they get so excited and start to get a little out of control. When you are sitting on the chair the kids start to climb all over you, but once you get the story started they sit down and listen nicely.

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